Michael D. Costello - Private Investigator / Specializing in Truth Verification
Relationship Issues
 When trust is lost in a relationship, the relationship is usually over. Unfaithfulness, drug/alcohol abuse, gambling or undisclosed money issues (excessive financial obligations) can be affirmed or found to be unsubstantiated. Let us resolve any outstanding issues you may have in your relationship.
Nanny Issues  /   Home Health Care Workers
Do you really know who they are?
Have they ever been fired or asked to resign from a position?
Are they stable, have they ever been treated for psychological problems?
Have they deliberately falsified any information so that you would hire them?
Are they honest? Do they use drugs ?????????????
Don't take chances and don't rely on instints when it comes to your loved ones.
Computer & Digital Forensics
Internet activity; emails, chat logs, URL's visited, browser history, web cache & cookies.
Recover password protected data or files.
Data recovery or loss of digital media from many types digital storage devices.
Cell & PDA forensics including Blackberry, Palm, Sidekick and others.
Data recovery and exams of optical media such as; CD, CDR, CDR-W, DVD, DVD-R, ect.,
IPODS, and MP3 players.
  The pure and simple truth, is rarely pure and never simple.
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